What are Taping machines | Types and Features
What are Taping machines | Types and FeaturesBandma India is a leading Manufacturer Supplier of Taping machines in the industry. Taping machines are used to apply BOPP adhesive tape on the cartons that need to be packaged so that the product inside it stays safe. Our taping machines are manufactured by highly skilled and trained professionals using the latest technology. We provide the best quality taping packaging machines at competitive prices in the market, the perk is that these machines can be availed with customization facilities. Our Taping packaging machines are designed for sealing and closing cartons having various sizes. These are made of high-grade raw materials and provide optimal functionality along with long service life. Such machines are an excellent choice for both high and low volume packaging as it seals both top and bottom of the carton swiftly and simultaneously in no time. These machines are easy to operate. Our products are known in the industry for their robust construction, extraordinary performance, increased production rate, energy efficiency, and high durability. This machine is the best suitable for taping cartons, and any packaged objects. The taping machines at Bandma are manufactured by using stainless steel structure or with an aluminium frame as a safety measure for the machine. Features of Taping Machines:- It is compact and easy to operate Easily adjustable table height Designed for quick and smooth changeover of drive belts Side belts for sealing cartons on both the sides Excellent aesthetics Blade guards It has Heavy-duty wheels for smooth mobility Quick adjustments are easy It is durable and has better stability Taping machines are of many kinds having major category Flap Folding and Without Flap Folding. Flap Folding A flap Folding taping machine is used to tape uniform boxes or for batch production in packaging industries. In a Flap folding machine, the height and width of the sealer can be adjusted depending upon the consignments size. A flap folding taping machine automatically folds the flap when a carton is put up on the belt and applies BOPP tape on both top and bottom. Without Flap Folding In a Without Flap Folding taping machine, the machine does not automatically fold the flaps of the carton rather it has to be done manually by labor, and then as the belt moves, the machine seals the carton with BOPP adhesive tape. The Taping packaging machines manufactured and supplied by Bandma India are specially designed for high-quality sealing of cartons. These are ideal for organizations handling any low to high-volume packaging needs.
What are Stretch Wrapping Machines?
What are Stretch Wrapping Machines?The stretch wrapping machine is manually as well as an electrically powered machine used in companies for large-scale wrapping of the products with stretch film. These machines assist in the reduction of labor as it is mostly automated. In the whole process of attaching, detaching, and pressing the film for the good/product to be wrapped by the machine, the operator only needs to put the product on the table and turn the switch on to operate. Some of the salient attributes of these machines include stable operations, simple and robust structure, excellent wrapping of products, reduced cost, environmental impact, and consistent film stretch which increase the film stretch rate resulting in low film consumption. Types of stretch wrapping machine are:- Coil stretch wrapping machine This machine is mainly used for drip coil spiral or Periphery wrapping of coil/donut shaped goods like sheet metal coils, stitching wire coil, vehicle tires, etc. Some salient features of this wrapping machine include:- Controllable film overlap. Adjustable cycle time. Can be used for wrapping a wide variety of coil sizes in the same machine. Pallet wrapping machine This machine as the name indicates involves the use of stretch film for wrapping goods. The film is stretched by the machine consistently which results in low file consumption yet perfectly wrapped product/pallet. This same process keeps on repeating till the product/pallet is perfectly wrapped. Feature of pallet wrapping machine includes:- Robust construction. Controllable cycle time. Controllable power stretching. Indigenous design. Inbuilt safety features. Box wrapping machine The box wrapping machine is used to wrap carton-type goods/products which majorly include pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, consumer goods, engineering items, electrical and electronic components, etc. Some features of the box wrapping machine include:- It is designed for wrapping a wide variety of box sizes in the same machine. Controllable film overlapping. Auto and manually controllable cycle time. Its easier to operate as compared to other machines. It has an optional film power stretching. The Stretch wrapping machines reduce waste, are environment friendly, and increase load stability apart from reducing man labor. By using these machines one can keep their goods safe from damage and spill during transportations and deliveries.