Strapping machines are widely used in the packaging industry. There are mainly two types of these machines: Handheld and Stand-Alone. Depending on the requirement, strapping machines are chosen by the owner. They come in different models like automatic, semi-automatic, or fully automatic. Many Strapping Machine manufacturers can customize them according to a client's requirements.

How Does a Strapping Machine Work?

Strapping machines work by using sensors to detect the presence of a box or product. This machine uses steam, infrared radiation, or electricity as the heat source. As we know, different packaging machines have different workings. Depending on the type of strapping machine (you’re using), it will work in different ways:

  • Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Fully Automatic, and Handheld

How do strapping machines work?

It does the process of wrapping a PP Straps(Polypropylene strap) over the product by using heat. The Roll of PP Straps is fixed inside this machine. Then, keep the product on the table of the machine. After this, the machine enfolds the PP Strap over the product and inserts the end in the slot provided in the machine.

Material Used for Making Strapping Machine:

The body of a wrapping machine is made from corrosion-resistant materials like metal alloys and stainless steel. This makes the machine robust and durable. Also, the machine has an external heat-protective insulating layer. This layer also increases energy efficiency by preventing heat dissipation. It also ensures the operator’s safety against heat or burns.

Parts of The Machine:

  • The sealing knife of the strapping machine is made from durable materials such as aluminum.
  • This packaging machinery has an inbuilt cooling system to prevent overheating. An Airflow technology is used to heat distribution inside the machine. This also gives wrinkle-free, smooth, and bubble-free plastic packaging of products.
  • Automatic and Fully Automatic strapping machines are energy-efficient and cost-effective.
  • This machine also comes with a control panel to adjust the temperature, power supply, height of the tunnel or chamber, and the speed of the conveyor belt.

Strapping machines are fundamental for manufacturing industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, consumer goods, cosmetics, etc. Employing these machines in a manufacturing unit reduces the total production costs as well as the production time. The strapping machine packaging machine manufacturers like Bandma can customize these machines as per the requirement of your business.