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After completing 30+ years in the industry, Bandma is known as the best packaging company in India. With its highly operational and efficient packaging machines, it has emerged as the crown jewel and now Bandma has entered the global market.

The company has hit hard the hearts of the people for the kinds of services that it provides. In the time span of 30 years, the name has earned a lot of trust and people are loving the services in the global market as well.

The vast knowledge in packaging and manufacturing has made it a great opportunity for BANDMA to spread all across the nation and now with the export facility, industries are capturing the momentum to avail quality services from the people who are the best in the industry. We have a dynamic team managing all the export services and offering solutions to the global industry.

Bandma is not just a name, it is a connotation of hard work, love and humanity. Along with the services, the firm has built up good relations with other firms in the industries and has helped them to prolifer.

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Global Solutions

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