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Metal Detector for Food Industry

As the name suggests, a metal detector machine is an electronic instrument widely used in searching for metals in any product or thing. Or we can say that it is specially designed to find the presence of metals. It is used for detecting the presence of metal nearby, buried underground in someone's pocket, or in any product. Metal detectors manufactured and delivered by Bandma India are of the best quality in India. We manufacture custom metal detectors in different types of models, especially metal detectors in food.

Uses of Metal Detector:

  • Metal detector for Food Industry/Food metal detector with rejector
  • Metal detector machine for Pharmaceutical Industry

Types of Metal Detectors for the Food Industry:

  • Conveyor Metal Detectors:

Conveyor Metal Detectors, you will find these detectors alongside food conveyor belts transferring food between machines or workstations. These overhead devices scan each item by an electromagnetic field.

  • Pipeline Metal Detectors:

Pipeline Metal Detectors are also known as flow-through detectors, pipeline metal detectors are ideal for checking liquids such as sauces and beverages, which travel through pipes. The detector monitors the stream flowing past its sensor for metal contamination and will cut off the flow if it detects metal contaminants.

  • Gravity Feed Detectors:

Gravity Feed Detectors are very compact and effective. They are ideal for non-liquid, free-flowing bulk products such as seeds, beans, and powders. Pulled by gravity, these products pass in front of the detector before further packaging or processing.

All of these systems must be of a hygienic design specific to the exclusive type of food or beverage being inspected, and to suit the cleaning methods.

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Product Category:

With EjectorBDM-FEBDM-NE
Without EjectorBDM-NBDM-F


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