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Case Erector Machine

A Case Erector is an automatic machine. It is simply relative to other secondary packaging machines. In the manufacturing industries, case erectors are case-forming machines that automatically form, fold and seal cartons from flat boxes, requiring no operator involvement. It takes a flat cardboard box and then folds and seals the bottom of boxes. This machine does not need manual work apart from keeping the cardboard box on the belt.

Working of Our Case Erector Machine:

The case erector machine can form cartons at a faster rate than human employees.

  • Automatic carton feeding and forming.
  • Click PLC, goes into IO/Input&output.
  • Click TIME to go and set a time.

As you can see that our erector machine's work is very simple. No manual work is needed after the setup of this machine. The new Case Erector gives you the flexibility to run multiple case sizes on one machine.

Types of case erector machines:

These packaging machines are available in two types: Semi-automatic and automatic case erector machines. Bandma India manufactures and provides the best case erector machines in Delhi NCR. Our erector can be easily integrated into any existing packaging line. So, buy the best custom packaging machine at the lowest price ever only from us.

Are you interested in learning more about how automatic case erectors work in a real-life production line? Then just give us a call today.

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