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After completing 25 years in the industry, Bandma is known as the best packaging company in Delhi. With its highly operational and efficient packaging machines, it has emerged out to be the jewel in the crown. The company has hit hard to the hearts of the people for the kinds of services that it provides. In the time span of 25 years, the name has earned a lot of trust and love from the people.

Mr Sanjay Jain, a highly known and respected personality takes action on building the foundation of the firm. With his hard work, dedication and support of his family and dear ones, he has managed to reach the heights of success. It is his strength of will, confidence and passion that has resulted in the sweet fruits of the name Bandma that we all know now. From scratch to hatch, the journey for him has not been easy ever. At a very young age, he started the initiative of Bandma. The passion to follow the dreams and achieve the goals has helped him to make out the positive attributes.

The vast knowledge in packaging and manufacturing has made it a great opportunity for BANDMA to spread all across the nation. The power driven and enthusiastic personality, Mr Sambhav Jain has helped his father with his ideologies and firm determination in taking the name to next level. He is a man of words and knows how to get the maximum results with minimum inputs. The youth power and the strong inspiration from Mr Sanjay Jain has multiplexed the capabilities of the man. He knows how to manage the things and convert dreams into success.

Bandma is not just a name, it is a connotation for hard work, love and humanity. Along with the services, the firm has built up good relations with other firms in the industries and have helped them to prolifer.

β€œThe flame of hope and positivity
has made it possible for him to face the struggle
time period and develop a small initiative into a
well known brand- Bandma.”

About Bandma

Bandma - we innovate. we care. that we know now and that was laid down some 25 years ago is much different in all aspects. Years of hard work and strong determination have made everything possible for this very talented and unstoppable personality Mr. Sanjay Jain.

With the visual aspects and the aesthetics of packaging in mind, they help the industries to develop strong and efficient packaging. The brand believes in helping others to fulfill their dreams and let them grow with their initiative. By sowing the seed of good deeds, Bandma is enjoying the trust and loyalty of the customers and empowering other ones for their efforts

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