As you know, the working of strapping and taping machines are different from each other. Both the machines are used for different purposes in the industry. But combining these machines will work effectively. And this combination of strapping and taping machines will be very useful in the packaging industry.

How is the combination of Strapping and Taping Machines helpful in packaging?

Before knowing the combination of strapping and taping machine  work, we will discuss the working of strapping and taping machines separately:

How do strapping machines work?

It does the process of wrapping a PP Straps(Polypropylene strap) over the product by using heat. The Roll of PP Straps is fixed inside this machine. Then, keep the product on the table of the machine. After this, the machine enfolds the PP Strap over the product and inserts the end in the slot provided in the machine.

How do taping machines work?

Taping machines are used to apply BOPP adhesive tape on the cartons that need to be packaged so that the product inside it stays safe. Taping machines are an excellent choice for both high and low-volume packaging as it seals both the top and bottom of the carton swiftly and simultaneously in no time.

So combining strapping and taping machines will be very useful in the packaging. The main benefits are:

  • It will save packaging time.
  • Also, save some money or overall cost of a product.
  • Require less labor.

So every packaging industry must use the combination of taping and strapping machines to reduce the overall cost. Clients can use this machine in different technical specifications according to their needs.

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