After Sales Support

After Sale Support: After-sales support or service is any support provided to a customer after the product or service has already been purchased by that customer.

Break Down & Repair

The maintenance team at Bandma always ensures that your product is well-kept and managed because prevention is always better than repair. However though repairs can be minimized, it cannot be avoided. In any case, if your strapping machine breaks down or stops working due to some technical errors our team of technicians will only be a phone call away.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Professional analysis of all damaged parts by expert technicians for the best service.
  • Immediate repairs in case of a fault.
  • Centrally coordinated field service team for a faster service.
  • In-house repair workshop to facilitate the best service.

Preventative Maintenance


To ensure that our machines keep working efficiently and smoothly, our maintenance service continuously keeps a check on regular upcoming maintenance schedules.

  1. Longer life-cycle and better performance of the machines.
  2. Minimum hourly rates and travel expenses.
  3. Additional 10% discount on use of Bandma plastic wraps.
  4. Fixed maintenance costs that facilitate planning and scheduling.
  5. In-house maintenance facilities.
  6. Full transparency in maintenance contracts.
  7. Explicit inspection services available in-house.
  8. Beforehand the prevention of machines from malfunctioning.
  9. DGUV Rule 3- repeat inspection of electrical equipment, machines and services DIN VDE 0701-0702 (integrated into maintenance)

Our technicians are certified as safe senders and for testing according to DGUV Rule 3.

Technical training

To ensure that all the complicated and advanced technology machines face no obstruction in the workflow because of any operator’s mistakes, we offer our customers the best technical training related to all technical aspects of the project.

  1. It helps you avoid any sort of hindrance in your business due to machinery malfunction because of an operator’s mistakes.
  2. Better operation of the machine ensures increased efficiency and longer life-cycle.
  3. Increased availability of products and services.
  4. Our trainers hold a lot of expertise and experience, leaving no room for errors or doubts for the operator.
  5. Better and transparent training opportunities.
  6. Apart from training available at our Headquarters, In-house training options are available as well.

Machine & System Relocation

As mentioned earlier, Bandma’s services don’t end after the sales, but keep going on as long as the product is used. Apart from maintenance and breakdown repair, another major post-sales service that we offer which makes us the leading packaging machine manufacturer in India is our Machinery & System Relocation service.

If you wish to move or relocate your Bandma strapping machine to another site, we will offer you a wide range of services, from statistical analysis to reassembly after relocation. Just like every other procedure, the relocation and disassemble-reassemble procedure is carried out by Bandma’s trained Machine technicians, with no room for error. Bandma’s skilled technicians not only do the

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