Shrink Wrap


A wrapping machine especially a shrinks wrapping machine is used to shrink film to prepare to pack. The packaging by using shrink film provides protection against bumps, scratches, water, moisture damage, shear, and tear during the delivery. Bandma India is best known for manufacturing Shrink wrapping machines in India. We provide and manufacture the best shrink wrapping machines in Delhi - India. This machine can also be customized by the client.

There are many shrink wrapping machines but here are some best wrapping machines:

Bottle Shrink Wrapping Machine:

Bottle Shrink Wrapping machine is suitable for wrapping and then shrinking cylindrical products like bottles, big cartons, bags, cans, etc with or without a bottom tray.

Box Shrink Wrapping Machine:

The box shrink wrapping machines are highly useful for packing and preserving items such as fruits, medical drugs, stationery, salty foods, cosmetics, books, and boxes. This shrinking equipment is highly useful and applicable for PVC and PE shrink film.

Pipe Wrapping Machine:

Bandma is one of the best pipe wrapping machine manufacturers in India. The pipe wrap machine is extensively used for packaging plastic pipe, PVC pipe, rods, copper pipe, etc. This machine is made by our experts using advanced technology.

Sleeves Shrink Wrapping Machine:

The Sleeves shrink wrapping machine wraps a thermoplastic band on the product before the pack is passed through a tunnel (shrink tunnel). The band may be formed from one or two rolls.

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