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Product Labeling Machine

Labeling machines are used to paste printed labels on the finished products, containers, vials, ampoules, bottles, and other packaging material. These machines have self-adhesive labels that have ready-made gum on the backside and it can be pasted on the container with a little press by the machine.

Why do the labeling of products?

Importance of Labeling of a product: The labeling of products not only provides crucial information and instructions to consumers but can also help your product stand out among others.

Types of Labels:

There are different types of labels used in the packaging industry. Below are the main types of labels:

  • Brand Label: If only a brand is used on the package of a product, this is called the brand label. The brand itself is expressed in the label. Brand label is put on some cloth.
  • Grade Label: Some products have been given a grade label. This type of label shows the grade of that product. It shows the quality of the product by words, letters, or figures.
  • Descriptive Label: A descriptive label give information about the feature, using instruction, handling, security, etc. of the products. The descriptive label is used for the products whose grades cannot be differentiated.
  • Informative Label: As the name suggests, an informative label gives information about that product. Like: the name of the producer, manufactured date, expiry date, name of intermediary, additional instructions regarding the use of the product, using method and security of the product, etc.

Labeling Machine Manufacturer in Delhi - India

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