Stretch Wrapping Machine


The stretch wrapping machine is manually as well as an electrically powered machine used in industries for large-scale wrapping of the products with stretch film. The shrink wrap machine is extensively used in the packaging industry for a wrinkle-free perfect finish with minimum usage of electricity.

Stretch Wrapping Machine

Bandma's wrapping machine is used extensively in boxes, jewel boxes, bottles, jars, metal components, stationery, and other such products. The wrapping machines offered by Bandma thus can be bundled with any kind of cylindrical, rectangular, and irregular-shaped products.

Our stretch machines come in with an easily movable design, stable process, good looking, and clean wrapping. We are one of the best stretch wrapping machine manufacturers in India with the leading shrink wrapping machine manufacturer. Some of the best wrapping machines are Coil Stretch Wrapping Machine, Pallet Wrapping Machine, and Box Stretch Wrapping Machine.

Coil Stretch Wrapping Machine: 

These machines are one of the top stretch wrapping machines among all types of machines.

Pallet Wrapping Machine:

A pallet wrapping machine is an ideal machine for wrapping pallets, including high-cube containers and secure products for transport.

Box Wrapping Machine:

Bandma India is recognized and honored for its quality-focused approach. It is an outstanding manufacturer and supplier of the best packaging machines like Box Wrapping machines, Coil Stretch Wrapping Machine, etc.

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