Food product purity must be monitored from the time of starting food production till the end of production. So, the safety solutions are helping the food industry to protect the safety and quality of their packaged and unpackaged food products. A food metal detector machine provides effective protection against ferrous/non-ferrous metals (aluminum, stainless steel, etc.). 

Why do we use a metal detector in the food industry?

Here we will discuss the importance of metal detectors for the food industry. Metal detectors for the food industry are used for the purpose of consumer protection. Metal particles may enter the food product during the production process. This may cause serious injuries to consumers. And this will cause a loss of consumer trust caused by impure food products.

Use of food metal detector machine:

These machines can be installed in every step of the production process. Food metal detector machine is also used to protect machines of the industries. Because even the smallest metal particles can lead to machine failure. So these machines are very important for the food industry. In most cases in the food industry, consumer protection is the main goal. So, several inspection points are used in the whole production. There are different types of metal detectors for different purposes. You have to select the best food metal detector for your business.

Types of Food Metal Detector:

Beyond understanding why metal detection is important in the food industry, it is important to know what kinds of food metal detectors are available and how to use them effectively in your production house. The metal detector you need will depend on the kinds of foods you produce, the systems handling that food, and the space available according to your facility. Each type analyzes food products with different properties and characteristics.

  • Conveyor Metal Detectors
  • Pipeline Metal Detectors
  • Gravity Feed Detectors

While these are the primary types of metal detectors, numerous adaptations of these basic systems exist for use in various food industries. Beyond metal detection, certain food metal detector and checker-weight scale combinations allow you to scan for metal contaminants and ensure the consistent weight of products before they leave the factory.

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