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# Vacuum watch.
# Indicator of time and display.
# Urgent stop in any state.
# Low-temperature indicator.
# Middle temperarue indicator.
# Dual Chamber vacuum machine


Power supply3 Phase/ 1 Phase, 380/230V AC, 50/60Hz
Packing speed 13 times/min.
Hot sealing power0.9Kw (600single-and 500/600dual-chamber).
0.8Kw (400dual-and400/500single-chamber).
Chamber pressure1Kpa.
The volume of vacuum chamberSingle Chamber:-
L440mm x W420mm x H75mm. (400)
L525mm x W525mm x H100mm. (500)
L670mm x W625mm x H100mm.(600)
Dual Chamber:-
L450mm x W500mm x H50mm .(400)
L570mm x W550mm x H40mm.(500)
L670mm x W550mm x H50mm.(600)
Weight120Kg (400 single-chamber).
147Kg (500 single-chamber).
205Kg (600 single-chamber).
200Kg (400 dual-chamber).
246Kg (500 dual-chamber).
320Kg (600 dual-chamber).
Evacuation rate11L (600 single-and 500/600 dual-chamber)
5.5L (400 dual -and 500/600 single-chamber)
# The scpoe of Air-extraction time:0sec-99sec. Error rate<0.1%
# The scpoe of Thermal-extraction time:0sec-9.9sec. Error rate<0.1%
# Temperature enacement- High, middle, low-temperature.
# Constant temperature: Fixaction 2sec.
# Deflation-air: Fixaction 2sec.


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