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Special Application Wrappers

Power 3 phase,220/380/415/550V
Turntable Diameter 2430
Wrapping Height 1350
Turntable speed 3~15RPM (rotation per minute) (adjustable)
Film Carriage PT Fixed variable pre-stretch
Film Carriage Speed 2~5M/min (adjustable)
Machine size L2027 x W3758 x H2441
Loading Weight  2000kgs
Package Size(Roller) O.D: 265, Shaft: 50, Length: 2600

*SI Unit: mm.

VH: PLC Control 

Designed for Jumbo roll type of products

  • Inverter controls speed of motor, allowing perfect speed adjustment.
  • Carriage and turntable driven by chain for durability and stability during machines’ operation.
  • Automatic or manual mode / soft start stop for safety.
  • Safety fence
  • Customized loading weight