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RTH | Heavy Duty | High-profile | Semi-Automatic | Turntable pallet wrappers

Model Size Specifications
Turntable Ø Column Height


Column Height


Column Height


1700 1721 1724 1727
Pallet Dimension Range with respect to Model Specifications
Model Width






1721 1000 1200 1562
Power Single phase,220/230/240V,


PE FilmCarriage  T2 Electromagnetic Brake
PE Film Type I.D. 76mm, O.D. Max 280mm,


Thickness: 17~35 microns

Turntable speed


5~15 (adjustable)
Film Carriage Speed 2~5 meter/min (adjustable)
Loading Weight



* SI Unit: (mm)

1721: Turntable Ø1700mm and Column Height 2100mm.

RTH: Heavy Duty with Hight Profile Turtable.

T2: Electromagnetic Brake film carriage.

Mechantronic Aspect:

  • Inverter controls the speed of motors, allowing perfect wrapping motion with the turntable.
  • Offers automatic, manual modes.
  • Soft Start / Stop and smooth wrapping prolongs machines’s lifespan.

Mechanical Aspect:

  • The film carriage is equipped with chain drive for smooth vertical movement.(Speed Adjustable)
  • Turntable is equipped with chain drive, for stable turning during pallet loading. (Speed Adjustable)

Mechatronic Aspect:

  • 3 phase, 110/380/415/440V, 50/60Hz
  • Weight scale
  • PCB Control

Mechanical Aspect:

  • Access ramp
  • Wrapping height 2400mm, 2700mm
  • Turntable diameter: Ø1650mm, Ø1800mm
  • Film Carriage head type choices: PT(1~3), PF, VPT

Special Needs:

  • Stainless steel structure SUS #304