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Shrink Wrapping Machine

Best Shrink Wrapping Machine Manufacture in India

Bandma is one of the best shrink wrapping machine manufacture in India and the leading shrink wrapping machine manufacturer in Delhi. The shrink wrap machine is extensively used in the packaging industry for wrinkle free perfect finish in minimum usage of electricity. The Bandma shrink wrapping machine is used extensively in boxes, jewel boxes, bottles, jar, metal components, stationary and other such products. The shrink wrapping machines offered by Bandma thus can be bundled with any kind of cylindrical, rectangular and irregular shaped products. Our shrink wrapping machines are bundled with heavy duty conveyor and speed bowler system. Our machines are mostly used in a wide array of industries, from pesticides, cosmetics, deodorant, to gift items manufacturing and others. The shrink wrap machine at Bandma are enabled with class insulation for glass wool and asbestos/ calcium silicate sheet for machine panel and silicon tubing for conveyor rods. Our heavy duty A.C motor provided with gear box and controller for heavy load conveyor is a silicone coated stainless steel conveyor.

The Unique Features of Bandma’s shrink wrapping machine in India include:

The machines are provided with two roll of shrink film to carry out the activities to the next level of packaging solutions.
To make wrapping much efficient and shift the MM sealing in provided on the both side of the products.
The machine further can be attached with any other packing machine to provide the efficient results.
The product shrink wrapping system is being fed into the system through conveyor system.
It is a P.L.C. controlled system for the efficient wrapping of the products.
The machines are enabled with heavy-duty conveyor system
High-speed blower system with continuous rating
It has a very high quality heating element element