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Research & Development

Research & Development

Our Research and Development Department at Bandma is solely dedicated to the goal – To keep on innovating our products and solutions for better performance and help establish us as a leader in the Packaging Industry as well as provide innovative products to our customers whether it is a strapping machine or pallet wrapping machine.

High Technology

Our highly qualified and experienced team of experts in the Research and Development department is equipped with modern packaging technology and scientific laboratory equipment. The technology at their disposal helps them to innovate new and better packaging solutions with efficiency and functional flexibility. Our team not only considers innovation in new products, but also tests the packaging strapping machines.

Total Cost of Ownership

TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) requirements are a crucial factor for clients now-a- days. Our research and development team’s analytical facilities perform detailed and complex product and material analysis. Therefore, we cooperate with our clients and consult with them about their needs and requirements. This helps us in offering them customized and tailor-made test solutions to ensure that they make the best out of TCO