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Company Overview

Sales Advice

At Bandma, building strong relationships with our customers is the priority, thus, our team of consultants attend very carefully to the demands and queries of customers. The best solutions are offered after the careful weighing and consideration of the queries of the clients, given what fits into their business model and requirement.


Our team of engineers is committed to the specifications and demands of the clients, led by innovation to help create new solutions and assist in benefiting from the technical knowledge that has been accumulated from years of experience in the sector.

Spare parts

Fast and secure delivery of spare parts for your Bandma range of machines, and systems such as strapping machine and strapping hand tools in India and worldwide.

Sales Representatives

At Bandma, we provide the best possible sales advice and closure to our customers though our vast network of expert sales representatives all over the world. We are always available to the client with full support and assistance round the corner with 24 x 7 support.

Trial Machines

It is found that sometimes theoretical knowledge is just not enough. If you have second thoughts after meeting with our sales representatives and consultants, or feel that you should only purchase the best for your business, you can have a trial machine to set up at your site and grasp a better understanding of their working.

Installation & Startup

For a quick start-up to your benefit, our service technicians will install the brand new strapping machines and systems without a delay including operator training. All functionalities of the delivered equipment are tested in cooperation with operators prior to a final acceptance being completed. Along with it, our efficient team of service technicians will also be available post installation to guarantee smooth operation throughout the equipment’s life-cycle.